About PositLogger.

Which devices are supported?
PositLogger is currently capable of logging GPS positions from SPOT Trackers and the HF Radio Club.

Does PositLogger replace my SPOT subscription?
No. PositLogger collects SPOT positions via an XML feed that is associated with your SPOT Share Page. You must therefore have a current SPOT subscription. In order to configure PositLogger to collect your SPOT positions, you need to provide your SPOT ESN, Share Page URL and optionally your Share Page password (if you configured a private share).

Hang on - Does that mean someone else can add my SPOT device?
No. Only you as the owner of the SPOT device can add it to PositLogger.
After adding your SPOT device, you will be required to send an "OK" message containing a specific PIN.
You must do this through your regular SPOT profile. Only after the OK message with the correct PIN has been received by PositLogger will your positions be logged.

I am a HF Radio Club member - How can I use PositLogger?
If your radio is capable of sending your current GPS position via SelCall, and you have this feature as part of your HFRC subscription, you can use PositLogger. PositLogger collects HFRC positions via an XML feed that is associated with your HFRC Member ID. Simply provide your Member ID and Selcall, and PositLogger will do the rest.

I am an Amateur Radio operator - Can I forward positions to APRS?
Yes you can. If the AR option is enabled in your PositLogger profile (currently set only by an administrator) you can select whether positions for individual devices are sent to the APRS network.

This sounds cool! Do I need to pay?
No. Since you are already paying subscription fees to your upstream service provider, we don't believe it would be fair to ask you to pay again.

What about supporting XXX device?
We are open to adding support for any other publically accessible tracking devices.
If you can provide details on how position reports can be collected for additional device types, we can see if we can implement support for them.

Can I try it out?
There is a demo account available that you can use to see what PositLogger can do.
Login with a username and password of demo. This account has been pre-populated with various position reports so you can get a feel for what PositLogger can offer.

How do I contact you?
You can contact us by dropping an email to support@parksnpeaks.org

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