Welcome to PositLogger.

Want to be able to see the position plots of all of your online GPS tracking devices on a single map?

With PositLogger, you can!

Multiple Device Support
PositLogger provides a way to aggregate GPS position reports from various tracking devices, and display the results on a single map.

Position Search
PositLogger stores postions indefinately, allowing you to search and display specific date ranges.
Search results can also be downloaded as a KML file, for use in Google Earth.

Amateur Radio - APRS
If you are an amateur Radio operator, PositLogger can automatically send your latest location into the APRS network.

Due to recent changes in the API from FindMeSpot you may need to recreate the public XML share used to obtain SPOT location data. The SPOT XML Feed is built upon an XML data stream that is enabled when a new xml feed is created. The previous XML links don’t appear to be working. You create an XML Feed from your account on FindMeSpot.
Once you have the new feed ID update "SPOT Share String" for the device in PositLogger or send me the link with account details to support@parksnpeaks.org.

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